We aim to spread the culture of the agronomic technical assistance, and to reveal new alternative energy systems that are unfavourable in producing CO2 (greenhouse effect) in order to respect the environment as well as guaranteeing the safety and well-being of the athlete on sports fields.


With the formative support from our professors from the Italian Groundsman Training Institute we turn to companies in the sector, to sports clubs, to the municipalities who still own sports fields, and to all those wanting to work in nature following pedo-climatic rules.


The task of the association will be to create synergies with employment agencies, sports tour agencies, sports publishers, renewable energy companies, as well as professional foreign exchanges from abroad to Italy and vice versa.


Employment Agencies

help to give shape to the new professional figure in Italy, through research in companies in the sector, which welcome trainees and/or workers in Italy or abroad;

Sports travel agencies

For tours to international stadiums and so to notice the dedicated care of the fields, but moreover to receive feedback with groundsman who are already veterans

Sports publishers

To Publish one of our journal updates; The diary of bordocampo, which is useful to take andtranscribe notes of his experiences in the field; Photographic Books on herbaceous varieties and cultivars used in sports fields, whether they are micro or macrotherme, in seeds or hybrids;

Groundsman Exchanges

from abroad to Italy and vice versa, to make their undisputed daily interventions known, to prevent damage and maintain the performance of a sports field while playing or training 3/5 h per day;

Hygienic Norms

To care for artificial pitches with biological hygienic norms where there are numerous colonies of bacteria harmful to the health of our athletes, coming from blood sweat and spitting of the same frequenters;

Companies with services and products with zero impact

On the environment, because we believe that this new figure will be covered by a competent technician in the various sectors, on a sports facility, where knowledge and respect is necessary for a thorough disclosure to those who follow and love SPORT;

Research of Companies and Consultancies

also foreign, specialized in tools equipment machinery for the groundsman, processes with their verification data, new proposals to the fertilization like the metals in the trace elements, top soil and aggregates, and much more. Above all for us to be updated of novelty and innovation in the TurField world.



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What they say about us

Today’s groundsman have to know more than simply preparing the turf. They need a range of skills, supported by science, innovation, technology, be able to plan, predict, budget, communicate and motivate. Be willing to continually learn and update their skills to perfect the best sports surfaces for players of all ages and abilities. IFGI can help you achieve more.

Geoff Webb
CEO at the Institute of Groundsmanship IOG

For many, a football match is won over 90 minutes, but for the Groundsman the match is won due
to millimetres, percentages and the fine margins within the football pitch.

Phil Fifield
Sports Turf Consultant at iTurf Management

La gestione e la manutenzione delle superfici erbose richiedono conoscenza e competenza tecnica. Un percorso di formazione specifico, rivolto alla figura del groundsman, anche nel nostro Paese, è davvero molto utile.

On. Luca Lotti
Ex Ministro dello Sport - Italia

Groundsman are professionals whose job it is to provide the perfect stage for
players to show off their skills every week. They are the unsung hero’s of the
football Club but they play a vital role in a teams success or failure.

Andy Cole
Director at iTurf Management Ltd Solihull, West Midlands, Regno Unito

Il mondo dello sport è in grado fornire un contributo rilevante alle politiche ambientali, sia riducendo
l’impatto ambientale delle proprie attività (organizzazioni di manifestazioni, gestione di impianti) sia diffondendo tra i numerosi cittadini che prendono parte o assistono alle iniziative sportive principi di sostenibilità ambientale e stili di vita più consapevoli.

Dott. Sergio Lupi
Agronomo presso ASSORETI PMI

Per migliorare la spettacolarità dell’evento-gara, risulta necessario garantire la miglior
condizione del terreno di gioco, sia dal punto di vista estetico sia da quello della
praticabilità e della performance.

Classifica Lega B

Risparmio d'acqua nella casa del golf italiano
Siamo consapevoli che, in quanto Home of Italian Golf, svolgiamo un ruolo fondamentale nel guidare la strada per la sostenibilità dell'intera comunità del golf. Nel 2012 abbiamo deciso di passare alle erbe della stagione calda per risparmiare acqua e portare a zero l'uso di pesticidi su fairway e tee. L'utilizzo delle cultivar di erba Bermuda Tifway 419 e Patriot su queste superfici di gioco ci ha permesso di ridurre l'utilizzo di acqua del 40% e di ridurre notevolmente il consumo di energia, contribuendo così a fornire una migliore qualità di erba durante tutto l'anno. Per la nostra gestione delle acque siamo stati premiati nel 2014 da Federgolf con "Impegnati nel Verde"

Stefano Boni
Member at Golf Business International


The Groundsman will be the reference figure between the sports administration and commercial technicians, between the technical department of the municipality and sports clubs to cover agronomic needs. The Groundsman will also treat and maintain the local football field before and after the management of its sports facility.

There will be a second phase of maintenance dedicated to games surfaces and green areas, that of managing sports facilities:

  • The possibility of using and disseminating alternative energies
  • Organising events to protect the structures,
  • Operator safety in the use of tools and machinery

To be faithful to the sole principle of achieving good maintenance which is increasingly ecological, increasingly weighted by choices adapted to our country with peculiar characteristics of transition climate, allowing it to become more and more profitable over the years. Also, being respectful to the health of our players, however large or small, and consequently the surrounding environment.

  • To favour the professional growth of the members
  • To value and defend the professional activity of the members
  • Favour the exchanging of ideas and international experiences in a spirit of mutual collaboration, between the associates and doctors of the various green sports surfaces. (ETS, IOG, STRI, STMA, NTEP, ESSMA,GEO...)
  • Organise and promote participation in fairs, congresses, conventions, seminars, conferences, training courses, meetings, work experience placements, tours to international sports sites, company visits on topics related to agronomic technical assistance.
  • To study and make suppliers of companies and sports companies aware of the inherent problems in the cultivation of the varieties on the market and techniques of propagation, such as spontaneous essences, from seed, hybrid
  • We aim to inform others of the grassing systems and the more pleasant ones known, following the variability of the case, in an appropriate way, together with direct producers and suppliers, in order to lower the costs.
  • Press office, publications, inserts in sports papers, books and newspaper magazines
The competences will range for the 22000 + in Italy in the fields of play and training, for professional, amateur and amateur championships, for Senior Junior players and students, of sexes the sexes for all the outdoor sports where there is a field of grass Natural, including public and/or urban green spaces, being able to hold Policlinico 8000 + sports Gardeners (groundsman) throughout our Peninsula.


The Association stems from the experience of a group of technicians in the sector, and the reciprocal exchange of ideas and experiences. They want to create their own strengths for professional, national and international outlets.

Today GrassMed is gathering consensus with good intentions and intent in favour of completely natural meadows and/or reinforced (5% synthetic), giving an added value for our health and its benefits at atmospheric levels. Also pedologic and even psychological benefits, where its associates experienced professionals, can contribute with their opinions, experiences and defense of their managed field,enriching it with their own vegetative essences for the improvement and the game reduction
maintenance costs, favouring more hours of play.

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We have passionate teachers who are constantly up to date, who work in the good management of the playing field with its respective advantages; both economic and ecological, but above all to the benefit of the beautiful game, interacting with the coaches and in doing so, to understand the demands of movement and of the ground to which its players trample.

The prerequisites of the GRASSMED Association are to update agronomists, biologists and agrarian experts. The prerequisites are also to train green curators, technical consultants, municipal administrators of the technical sports sector, nursery-growers who will carry out technical assistance in the sports fields and service companies. They can share their national and international experiences through a web platform highlighting the correct care and prevention with necessary operations to
prevent extra work, mending and spending much more, with unnecessary waste, in post-emergency rather than pre-emergence which will be much less costly.